I’ve moved

I’ve moved the blog into its new house. From now on, I’ll be posting on the website debtfreecollegekid.com. These are exciting times! I’m looking forward to continuing to bring you knowledge in every post.



My purpose

Hey everyone, 

I felt inspired to write this because I feel like someone out there needs to hear it.

Part of the reason that I go so hard on the personal finance tip, is because i’ve witnessed so much unhappiness in my life. My main goal is to help people release themselves from the shackles of debt, so that they can get to their passions of life. 

If you’re working at your job just for the paycheck in order to pay bills, this message is for you. If your job or career doesn’t align with your personal values, but you do it anyway because you need to pay bills, this message is for you.
If you wake up in the morning and ask yourself if you will love what you’re doing for the rest of the day, and your answer is no, this message is for you.
Life is more than paying bills. Life is more than making a ton of money. Life is more than owning a bunch of stuff. Or rather a bunch of stuff owning you.
You have places to visit, businesses to start, lives to change. But…you’re worried about your credit score? Come on. Is that all there is?
I demand more. I demand a life fulfilled. A life of constant burning passion. A life of accomplished goals. A life that leaves an eternal, indelible mark on the world.
THAT my friends, is why I don’t mess with debt. I need my freedom to live a life well-lived. Instead of just existing.

Debt Repayment Tracker update

Every time I post something it seems that it’s an exciting update. Well, this is another one of those times. I’m really enjoying this journey y’all.

Debt Repayment Tracker

So I’ve updated my debt repayment tracker to an easy to read monthly version. As you may or may not know, the nerdiest of all us personal finance bloggers like to crunch numbers. I am no different. I use excel spreadsheet for that purpose. I created the ‘Debt Repayment Tracker’ page to allow people to follow me along the journey and keep me accountable.

Check it out here.

This will help me get out of the bi-weekly payment schedule now that I get paid weekly. I ran into some issues with that schedule, like uneven months and counting some days in different months. Which led to this inevitable change. Feel free to use my setup as a template to your budget spreadsheet! If you’d like me to email it to you, drop me a line!

Student loans

I’ve been in school since January 7 and you know what that means! That’s right, loan deferrment. While in school, the government picks up the interest on your federal subsidized loans. This is great for me because my grace period ended in November. Now, I still intend to pay my loans every month– but now I don’t have to worry if I may miss a payment. Only $17,853 to go!

That’s all I had for you this time. As always, good luck on your coming month.


A New Year, new mistakes

I’m still catching up with the new year and there have been some updates. Since my last post, I’ve done a variety of things. Not all of them have been good financially.

Let me start by saying January has been a dumpster fire for my finances. I’ve pretty much gone over budget in every category.

Much of that has to do with the trip that I took to New York on January 9-12. Although I budgeted for that, it took a chunk out of what I usually budget thus…overspending. Now some things could have been prevented, like how much I spent on food for instance ( a whopping $50 over my $100 budget and counting). And others could have been delayed– for example the phone carrier switch to Verizon that I had been planning.

I ended up doing that anyway, before schedule. Another $233 gone. I have learned a valuable lesson this month about setting goals and being intentional. See if you aren’t actively pursuing something, you’ll automatically be regressing. Slacking, so to speak. So it’s best to aim at something so that you won’t get off track. Especially when you’re debt free.

So this is a remorseful, regretful post. But it’ll serve as a springboard into doing better in February. Keep focused on your goals folks!




Life is made for milestones, achievements, and checkpoints. It’s a never ending journey. This past Friday, I got to add a special one to the list. In the midst of fighting a severe stomach flu, I managed to peep at my mint.com app. My eyes lit up with excitement, because I’d been waiting a long time for that day.

The day that i’d finally pay the last of my credit cards.

I thought I’d never be able to get through them on basically minimum wage. Thought I did too much financial stupidity. But through hard work and perseverance over six months, I’ve reached the milestone.

I am now consumer debt free. All credit cards have been paid off and cut off. FOREVER. That means until my clock stops ticking fam! I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally see it happen. Just a few more steps until I don’t owe anyone on this planet.

Keep fighting

For those that are in the predicament that I was, keep fighting. Stick to your budgets, stick with your plan. It sucks sometimes, I know. Your friends are going out, having steak dinners and painting the town Rihanna red. But remember your goals and what you’re trying to achieve. One night out over budget delays that. You gotta be fed up with your situation enough to keep attacking it with a vengeance.

I hope I’ve inspired you!

Debt repayment update

Hello again!

So I’ve been busy at work lately, two jobs ain’t easy! But it’s worth it when I see how much I’ve paid off. I started in August 1 with $20,067.86 in debt, mostly student loans. I’ve since been able to save up $1000, pay off a Chase credit card, and had my loans capitalize because my 6 month grace period ended. Which turned out to be just the kick I needed to get another job.

I’ve been attacking my debt ferociously and I’m proud to say that I’m down to  $18,843.57 as of today! That’s  $1224.29 down. Not bad for a poor college kid on basically minimum wage.

My goal is to pay off my next credit card before January 1st. No consumer debt into the new year! Now with the other credit card payment done with, I can pay that amount towards this one. I have a quite a bit to go still. But I’m optimistic because it’s working.

What have you accomplished in personal finance lately? Do you have goals that you want to meet before 2015? Sound off in the comments below!



In need of dynamite

These last few months have been eye opening in a number of ways to me. I’ve learned so much about finances and how money works. I’ve literally learned something new every day since June. Things like: patience, determination, and perseverance. This has helped me stick to my budget goals and eliminate some debt, big time!

As you know, (or might not) I have a debt repayment tracker page that I embedded a spreadsheet in. I use the debt snowball method as mentioned here. But there’s an issue. I’m getting less hours at work, which means less pay. I have no way to make more money because I don’t take a salary from my business, the money it makes recirculates to pay itself.

So I need another job. I’m in need of some dynamite to blow this thing up. See, I’ve gotten so sick and tired of being in debt. Every time I look up, there’s still mr bill looking at me. I owe, I owe so off to work I go. These next three months have to be about intensity for me. I need to see real change. Sometimes our situations need that.

Dave Ramsey always tells the story of the lumberjacks. All day, they send lumber down a river where they get cut and sorted. Every once in a while, there’s a logjam in the river, and the only way to get it out is to throw a stick of dynamite in there to blow it up. It might sacrifice a few logs, but it gets things flowing in the right direction again. I’m at this mindset right now with my consumer debt…I need some dynamite.

Anyone hiring? Lol.